Made to Stand Out

In John 10:10 Jesus says that He has come that we may have life and that they may have it more abundantly. So what does abundantly mean? Well according to the dictionary it means ‘present in great quantity, overly sufficient, an abundant supply, abounding.’ All that sounds great, right? Wait, it gets better! It also means to be marked by favor. Jesus saying this shows that we are marked by God with favor. It implies a favor that is so evidently displayed that people are drawn to it and therefore to God. Job had favor such as this resting on his life. He was abundantly blessed in all ways and because it was anchored in God his later days were even more blessed than his former. He didn't pu

A Flicker

How does a fire start? The conditions must be right to sustain the fire once it is sparked. If there is not enough fuel to feed the fire the spark will not catch. It is the same way when God enters our lives. He prepares our hearts and provides the spark but it is up to us to fuel the fire. God provides the means to reconnect in relationship with Him. He longs for relationship with each of us but He is not going to force us, instead He woos our hearts and He waits. The amazing thing about a lit lamp is the darkness cannot exist in the presence of the light. As soon as the flame is light the darkness withdraws. As long as the lamp has fuel it will burn clear and bright and the darkness will

God Uses Broken Vessels

I have fantastic news! God uses broken vessels! God loves to use the most unlikely, unqualified, seemingly impossible people to produce great and unusual fruit!! I say unusual fruit because typically fruit produces after its own kind. An apple seed produces another apple tree. There is a logic that comes with the reproduction of living things. The glorious news is that God is able to do all things. He knows all that lies within us and can shape it to use in ways we could never imagine. Over and over in the Bible we see that He does not use the leaders of the current day to achieve His purposes, he uses the lowly, the uneducated, the average person who is honestly a red hot mess. How is this

Redeeming Desolate Inheritances

Do you have a dream in your heart, a hope for something that you have set aside and allowed to be left behind? All of us have probably been there or are there. Often when we don't see the fulfillment of something right away we dismiss it rather than tarry onward until God brings it to pass. I know I have done this by chalking it up to having misheard God or lack of obedience in some area. I have spent time thinking that if I have followed better, paid more attention, been more faithful than perhaps I would have heard better and seen the fruition of what I heard.. The truth is my inheritance has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my Father in Heaven who has given it to me. Isaiah

The Prince/Princess & The Pauper

Have you ever wondered why so many little girls dream of being a princess? As a young girl were you captured by stories such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or Snow White? Did you watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Dianna? Have you ever wondered why there are so many women drawn to such things? If you are a gentleman did you ever picture yourself as a Prince, a royal knight or the hero? Have you always had something in you that beckons you to be a victor or conqueror? Is this all just fanciful thinking or is there something deeper that stirs us? I believe that we are responding to something that God himself set in our spirits. The Bible says that He has set eternity in the hea
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