Altars of Remembrance

Over and over across the Old Testament we see where altars were built in memory of God meeting man. God instructed them to build altars so that they could pass on to the next generation what happened in that place. Likewise, as a country, we have set aside this day to remember all those who have paid the greatest sacrifice. The Bible says that there is no greater love than when a man lays downs his life for another. As a nation we have often failed to do as they did in the Bible and pass on the meaning behind this altar of Memorial Day. Let us once again pick up the mandate to teach the next generation of the brave men and women who have given everything that we, and others, might be free. I

The Vastness of God

So often we find ourselves facing circumstances in this life that can feel overwhelming; feelings of grief, anxiety, fear and a myriad of other emotions. We can feel swamped just as surely as if a tsunsami wave has rushed in and toppled over us; sweeping us along in its churning wake. In this world you will have trouble, (Matt 16:33) we all know this sentiment. No one truly thinks they will sail through this world without trials and troubles. Just look around. There is so much negative news, and horrible issues being played out on a global scale. But we don't often latch on to the entire verse. Matthew 16: 33 "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you

Lift Your Gaze

How do we live pleasing and acceptable to God? How do we live a life that brings glory to Him when we feel so very far away from the mark? I personally have spent many years wavering in a place of trying to be pleasing or working to be acceptable. These years just produced frustration and uncertainty about whether I would ever be “good enough”. One day God started speaking to me about lifting my gaze. Honestly at first I didn’t understand what that meant. As I prayed I began to see I was always looking at what I could do, what steps I could take to reach an acceptable position. My heart was in the right place in that I wanted to be acceptable to see God receive glory. So often as a child we
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