Feelings vs. Truth

There is a subtle tactic that the enemy uses against humanity that has been his main weapon of choice since the garden of Eden. Like all things it is something that God created as a gift for good purpose. It is the emotions that are hardwired into every human. We often deal with our emotions very poorly because we give them a power over us that they were never intended to carry. It is we who are supposed to control our emotions not the other way around. The blessings that God intended to come through emotions are things like the feeling of love for another, compassion, desire, etc. These are all things that God intended to bless man. However it was His intention that we would govern these wi

Leave the corpse in the grave

Have you ever felt like you are struggling to drag a weight around with you? Do you struggle to keep God’s word in the forefront of your mind? Do you question who you are? Your worth? Whether you are good enough? These all come from our old nature, what we were or are before accepting Jesus. The Bible calls it the old man, the sinful nature etc. The Bible also says that all things are made new when we accept Jesus. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” II Corinthians 5:17 When we accept the sacrifice Jesus paid by dying on the cross it means he literally took all of our sin, sickness and struggle and replac

Position vs. Positioned

There was never a single role in the New Testament - such as missionary, prophet or pastor - that was talked about more than two or three times. On the other hand our main identity as sons and coheirs with Jesus is found all throughout the New Testament. We spend so much time trying to be worthy of doing something for God, we worry when we are not "doing enough", when we are not "holy enough" and when we feel we don't measure up. The truth is its not about doing; its about relating to Him. He has no desire for people of position. He is not measuring us by what we do. His desire is for people's heart to be positioned toward Him. He wants to have relationship with us, this was the entire reas

Freely God

I am a planner by nature, I like things to be clear and laid out. I like things to make sense. Anyone else with me on this? So I often find myself challenged to allow God to be freely God in my life. We are all so busy and in order to keep pace we try to make things orderly, make them sensible etc. However, I have learned that God does not fit into my pre-planned to do list. It isn't even necessarily intentional that I try to fit God in a box but I sure find myself confronting that often. How much freer would I be if I just took God at His word without trying to rationalize it or make it fit my understanding. How much heartache would I avoid? One of satan's favorite tools to use is our own

Image Bearer

Genesis 1:27 tells us that we were made in His image. This past week I have pondered what does this mean exactly? I believe that it is not so much that the Image of God is something that man bears, as in an act of doing something, but rather something that man is. So often we read or hear about establishing the kingdom of God and we all probably ask “how do we do that?” Now for the good news. We don’t have to do anything the Kingdom is already fully present in us. Just as God breathed into Adam in Genesis 2:7 and he became alive so the power of the Holy Spirit dwells in us, empowering us to be the kingdom. In the past I had mistakenly thought that being an image bearer was like carrying this
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