Light in the Darkness

Have you ever stared at a full moon when it was bright gold against a pitch black sky? There are times when the night around us can seem overwhelming. Life events can rise up and press in on us. Night time is the time when our minds can spin away robbing us of peace and rest. It is often when circumstances loom large in our mind and challenge our souls. Satan is ready to capitalize on these times. His subtle lies abound in our heads and hearts and we can begin to feel isolated and alone. Circumstances can seem monumental and almost too much to deal with. I wanted to share this because there is another perspective I believe God would have us hold on to. In those dark moments He is always with

Unexpected Events

Normally when I write these posts I start of with the writing part and then once I have written I find a suitable photo to go with it, something that captures the idea of the article. This week I ran across this picture and felt like I was supposed to use it but I had no article to go with it. True to His gracious nature as I was on my way to church this morning the Lord started to speak. I am sure that I am the only one who has experienced this but I will ask anyway :). Have you ever had one of those times when everything seems to go completely different than you planned? Not bad necessarily, just odd? Its almost as if events are happening from a different perspective. That was this past w

Angry God or Loving Father?

Have you ever found yourself considering some of the passages in the Bible that tell you about God taking action to ‘punish’ mankind? How about when He threw Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden? Or what about when He made Cain a wanderer and he went out into the land of Nod after killing his brother. Yes, there are sometimes very real consequences that we must pay for our actions, but no they are not the wrath of an angry God. Satan likes to use this subtle lie to get us to walk in fear of God. The truth is God loves you, his actions always serve the purpose of love, of keeping the possibility of relationship with you open, of redemption. How can I say this when I don’t know what you have

Seasons of Change

Have you ever noticed that when seasons change they never happen quite exactly as you were expecting? I was struck this past week about the amazing difference in our weather. It has been running in the high seventies and even a couple days in the eighties. It was a glorious pattern. Then a weather front affecting Canada changed all that by pushing a cold front into Michigan and we dropped to the fifties! We went from glorious sunny warm lovely days to windy, rainy damp days in a blink. "I didn't even have time to get out my warm clothes", I whined to God. I started off this new weather pattern with a bad attitude, just to be honest I was bummed. Then I started asking myself why I was bummed.

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