Re-Digging the Wells

Its the time of year when most people review their lives over the past twelve months and they make decisions about things they want to change. We decide to start working out, we decide to try and reconnect with people, we decide to try and become a better version of ourselves. Sadly, we rarely achieve the resolutions we set and end up 12 months from now reviewing the same subjects. Why is it that we take this journey? I believe we have a sense that there is more for us. We want to see our lives thriving and we take this time as an opportunity to try and plan for that to happen. So why do we so often struggle with these resolutions and changes? I believe it is because so often we are relying

The Source

Through out history there has always been a spirit of exploration in the heart of man. It has driven people to cross rugged terrain, climb mountains, and seek to find new frontiers. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:11 that God has set eternity in the hearts of man and I believe that this awareness is what drives us to explore, to question and to seek the source in our lives. If we really look into our hearts we can feel this stirring that there is more to the living of this life but perhaps we don't how to go about an exploration to find it; much like David Livingston when he explored the interior of Africa. He arrived on the continent without a specific plan other than to explore the unknow

The Hope of Christmas

There is just something about Christmas that seems to capture our hearts and minds. Everyone seems to have a favorite part of the Christmas season. For some people it is the music, for some it is the time with family, the lights, the tree, on and on it goes. As wonderful as all of these things are the one thing that captures more hearts and seems to be the foundation of Christmas is hope. The hope of Christmas stirs all of our hearts and I found myself having this dialogue with God as I worked on a message I was going to share at a Christmas event recently. I realized that often when I say that I hope something happens in my head I sound awfully whiny.. almost pleading for it to happen but w

Trusting God

How many times have you caught yourself worrying about a circumstance or being fearful of a situation? How many times have you felt anxiety because you didn’t know where your road was going or how things were going to be worked out? All of us have probably done this more times than we can count. Recently I asked myself why I allow myself to get caught in this emotional trap. God spoke a simple one word answer; trust. I wasn’t trusting that He was in the middle of my circumstance and that He already knew the outcome. It’s almost as if I feel I am not “doing my part” if I just freely release it to Him. Like somehow if I worry about it then maybe He will work it out for my good. In frustration
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