Have you ever become wearied waiting over a circumstance in your life that you are expecting to change. Perhaps a word that God gave you about something that is yet to come. Often times we can become very discouraged when we don’t see growth in those areas. It can seem as if nothing is happening. Our hearts become filled with doubt that God is going to move on our behalf because surely He would have done so by now. Sadly I find that I am a petulant person. I have had times where I get frustrated because a situation hasn’t gone the way I thought it would. It is either not happening fast enough or in the manner I assumed it would. Sometimes I even look at the lack of growth and consider tha


This morning in my time reading the Word I ran into a phrase several times. “that I may be a refreshing to your heart.” Such life giving intentions were shared about God to man, man to God and man to one another. It struck me because it is so simple and straightforward (just like God’s Love) I want to be like Him in this way that when I encounter someone His presence and Kingdom are a refreshing, an inflowing of revitalizing life to their spirit. So often I can get bogged down in the day to day that I fail to keep this a focus. Song of Solomon 4:9 says “you have captured my heart”. Often we use phrases like “Jesus loves you” and rightfully so because He does but when we say it do we conve

Caught in a rip tide

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an emotional challenge that seems to have come out of nowhere? I found myself there this week. Sometimes it takes the form of life challenges that overwhelm us suddenly, a change in job, an unplanned move, or a health concern. The ones I am talking about though are something that has no rationale reason. This past week I had felt agitated but couldn’t put my finger on why. Life is good, nothing seemed to be challenging at the moment but I just couldn’t shake the irritation I kept feeling. When Sunday came I didn’t even want to go to church though gratefully God gave me the wisdom to go anyway. WOW! Did I need to be there! I love to sing worship

Handle with care

Recently I have been pondering how we treat one another. There are so many ways we mistreat people. Not just in the broader sense of society but daily in what can seem insignificant interactions. A person who is standing in the checkout lane before us trying to corral rambunctious children, a driver who perhaps cuts us off in transit, or the waiter or waitress serving us. So often we do not cherish or value these people because we have ascribe some judgement or expectation to them at which they have somehow failed. Sadly we often walk through our days seeing others through an incorrect filter. We measure them against an unfair measure. We attempt to fit them into some classification which m
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