Friend of the King

In reading today about the rule of Solomon I ran across the listing of his leaders in the kingdom. Below shows that the role of friend of the king is mentioned. The fact that this is mentioned here among the various lead roles and titles is interesting.Then God reminded me that Jesus calls us friends in John 15:15. Often we take the term friendship as a warm fuzzy but in truth there is so much more to it. God considers it a position of importance, influence, love, trust and honor. Further He made a way to be friends with us. Will we treat it as a casual relationship or will we embrace the important role He has given us and impact the world? “Azariah the son of Nathan, over the officers;

Wandering ways

Lately I have been looking back over the past few years and it seems that the path of my life has not been in this straight progression. Have you ever wondered how your current season fits into the bigger picture? What could your current circumstances have to do with what you feel God has called you to? Are you looking for the side road that will take you into what you are “really” supposed to be doing? In looking back over the past few years I marvel at how, despite the twists and turns and all that didn’t make sense at the time, the scenery is still beautiful. I realized that we are not meant to see all the way to the finish line. We are asked to take the first step. We aren’t supposed

Covenant Assurance

This morning I was reading in 2 Samuel 23 and I am so grateful for David’s words. He knows that he has fallen short of how He and his house should have lived. He knows that he cannot earn God’s favor. However he also knows that God loves him and will bless Him because he knows God’s nature and His character is to fulfill the covenant He made with David. God’s love and plans to bless us are not based on our performance, goodness or actions. His grace to us is based on His choice. We can walk in assurance of His love because He is good. The Bible says that He is not a man that He would lie, which means He will do exactly what He said He would. David knew that God’s love was unconditional a

He Chose Love

So the passage below just wowed me this morning. Here David is fleeing from his own son who is looking to kill him and rather than stand his ground as King and fight back he is fleeing to avoid a battle with his son. As he goes a man comes out and begins hurtling stones and curses at David and everyone with him. Not just any man but a member of the household of Saul the previous king. The soldiers with David want to go and kill the man for attacking the king. David refuses to let them. He allows the man to continue cursing him. He then rather then reacting to the circumstances says perhaps God will see me in my affliction and choose to bless me. David didn’t defend his right to be king, he d

Love notes

Have you ever been left an unexpected message that brightened your day? A note from a friend that arrives in the mail or a note left for you in a place you will find before you head out for the day? I never really thought much about these things until I met Dave, a man who lovingly taught me a lot about cherishing someone. He constantly found ways to send me a message just before a meeting to encourage me, a note to say good morning or brighten my day and to let me know that he was thinking of me. Sadly, he went home to be with the Lord several years ago but the love that he shared in these small seemingly insignificant ways taught me a valuable lesson as it highlighted how God had been doin
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