Living Unmasked

All of us have various roles we play in our day to day lives; parent, child, friend, spouse, coworker and family member. All these roles require different things from us so how do we handle these battling priorities? In good times it is certainly easier to juggle the load but what do we do with them when something in our life goes wrong? So often in good or bad times; though it seems to be even more so in bad, we can slip behind a mask of “I’m okay”. Perhaps it’s not that we even intend to put on a mask we are just trying to get through whatever difficulty has occurred. We often don the mask because we are overwhelmed, or because we worry what others will think or even because we just d

Living Waters

I have always been drawn to the water. As a young person I grew up on a large lake and spent many hours either in or on the water. I loved spending hours swimming and as a young girl would often imagine that I was a mermaid totally immersed in my underwater world. I love how the sunshine sparkles like diamonds off the surface and how the beams of the sun pierced the surface illuminating the wonders below. However more than anything I loved the feel of it as I would glide through it. Even now when I visit the pool to exercise the feel of the water strikes me. It is almost as if a deep cleansing breath has filled my lungs. There is something vibrant about it. Because of my love for water,

Chosen Intentionally

So I know I have read this before but today it stood out to me differently. I realized that in some of my thought patterns I have gotten into a mindset where I have been feeling “lucky” that God reached out to me. But the passage below reminded me it wasn’t luck but intention. God intentionally took hold of my heart and that means He has a purpose for every breath I take. He beckons us to press in and discover why He chose us and what that purpose is; He doesn’t ask us if we are worthy of being chosen. Further because He chose us He will give us everything we need to accomplish the purpose He has for us. I believe that is why the passage below says to press on. We don’t press on to earn a pl
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