True Vision

Have you ever felt like circumstances in your life are so massive and consuming that you can’t seem to see past them? All of us have faced times in life where we feel we struggle to see where God is at in the midst of our troubles. Satan works hard to create these situations in our lives. He subtly places emotions, expectations and pitfalls in our path. Some times those pitfalls feel more like land minds! So often these things snowball before we know it and we feel overwhelmed. Oftentimes we even cry out to God in these moments and can feel discouraged that we don’t see Him coming to our aid. My friends this is a lie, God has told us He will never leave us nor forsake us! So how do we fin

The message of the snowflake

It’s the time of year where Michigan watches as snow begins to cover our beautiful state. This time arrives for some with cheering and others complaining but one thing eventually happens for all of us. At some point we are captured by the beauty of the snow covered landscape. For me it is the peaceful still night where everything is white and the cold sky is so clear that stars glisten. There is something that stirs the soul as we watch big fluffy flakes of snow fall. What amazes me even more is the formation of the snowflake itself. A snowflake begins to form when an extremely cold water droplet freezes onto a pollen or dust particle in the sky. This creates an ice crystal. As the

Experience vs. Presence

Sometimes we can mistake experience for presence. An experience is a moment, a snapshot, an isolated captured event. Presence is an ongoing journey. As Christians we can choose to seek an experience with God or we can seek His presence. An experience is attending a service, hearing the sermon and then leaving and not applying the message to our lives. We can do this often without even realizing. We can get so bogged down with life and the next thing we need to do that we can miss the treasure that has been given to us. Unfortunately this can become a pattern all to easily and it can rob our lives of what God has for us. When we instead seek His presence we invite a back and forth ongoin
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