Speak to the Storm

This time of year can be especially challenging for many people. It can almost be a disconnect with the world around you. Often this can be do to a traumatic experience, grief and loss. While others have joy and happiness it can seem like all you see are raging storm clouds. The thing about these type of storms is that they can seem all powerful as you stand dwarfed by dark clouds, thunder and lightning. The wind can pummel you and try to take your breath away. It is at these times we tend to want to curl into ourselves and try to wait out the storm; hoping that we make it through. It can seem as though all we can do is allow it to pummel us and hope that we survive it. These feelings are

Reflection or Representation?

This photo stood out to me when I saw it so I saved it because I could tell God wanted to tell me something. As I prayed I felt Him tell me that this is how many of us see our walk with Him. We feel we are to work to be a reflection of Him in the earth but God doesn’t want a reflection He wants representatives of His kingdom. He began to show me how a reflection is a poor copy of an image whose quality can be affected by many things. Consider the reflection of the tree in this image it can be affected by wind, by birds or fish that may move or break the surface of the water etc. What God is truly asking us to be is another tree that is anchored by our root systems to the kingdom of Heaven

An Anchor for My Soul

Have you ever stood on a boat and felt the water moving? Sometimes it is a gentle lapping that sways the boat gently and it is fairly easy to keep your balance others it is a wild motion that can keep you off balance and throw you to the deck or even overboard. Life is often like this; you never quite know what you will be facing. Often these times can rise up out of nowhere and catch us unprepared. The results of these unexpected tempestuous times is that we can end up feeling battered and bruised; tossed around by the force of the waves; often left weak and worn out. Recently I found myself in such a time as if I was being tossed about with nothing to hold me in place. The good news is t
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