Through Eyes of Love

Do you ever wonder what God thinks of you? How He sees you. We all know that when it comes to critics we are our own worst ones. We know exactly what our shortcomings are, the areas of our personality that have rough edges and exactly how they clash with other people. No one needs to tell us these things; in fact for the most part we are all too aware of them. So knowing these things it stands to reason that we can wonder what others think and what God thinks when He looks at us. Sadly we live in a world that teaches us to quickly judge, classify and label someone based on minimal or no data at all. We make assumptions based on physical characteristics, personalities and sometimes on noth

Going Deep

Do you ever catch yourself looking at a circumstance and thinking that you are seeing the entire situation? For example, I have for a long time known that God loves me. However, lately I have been awestruck at how much God loves me. No I haven’t received some major answer to prayer, nor have I mysteriously received some financial or personal blessing. It wasn’t a big aha moment but rather a thousand ways He uses His still small voice to remind me He loves me. So often we can accept the surface value of that love, thinking we know it. However, we often base that knowledge on our understanding or the thought that of course God loves, after all He is God. Do we ever take time to consider wha

Love Letters

Having just celebrated Valentine’s Day there has been a running blitz of love oriented pics, products, gifts etc. Everywhere you looked there were reminders being shared of people representing their love. Photos of Valentine’s Day gifts, flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners out. All of these are wonderful and it made me smile to see people so happy and their love celebrated. It also got me thinking why do we place so much emphasis on this one day? In fact, the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimated that consumers in America would spend $27.4 billion on gifts in 2020 for Valentine's Day. Isn’t that amazing?!! I think as humans it helps us to have (at least occasionally) a tangibl
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