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A Royal Decree

Father we decree the power of first rights over our nation. Lord we thank you that you are the One who has those rights and that you have empowered your people to exercise those rights as members of your kingdom. We stand in authority as your sons and daughters to decree and declare those rights over the earth. Lord we declare your rights of first breath. Father you gave the first breath when you formed man and put your breath in his lungs. We declare the rights of first breath over each person who is battling COVID in the name of Jesus. We decree your kingdom life to spring forth in their bodies, we specifically command their lungs to be strengthened and to function fully. Father we speak to lungs and call forth your breath of life in them. We decree that health will be restored and there will be no lingering damage to lungs in the name of Jesus.

Father we decree the right of first blood over our nation. Lord you sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins and our sickness. We decree by the power of the blood of Jesus that this virus cannot remain. We call forth the abundant life that has been restored to us through the blood paid covenant that restores all things of the kingdom to us in Jesus name.

Father we thank you that you sent your beloved son that you could establish us also as heirs of the kingdom. We decree the full rights and authority of kingdom heirs be raised up in your church that we would stand as your representatives in the earth. Father we decree and declare the rights of first inheritance that our nation belongs to you. We decree that as heirs we can speak your kingdom plans over our land. Father we declare a revival turning of hearts back to you. We decree a revival among your people ABBA that we would stand against the curse of rebellion that has plunged the earth into broken covenant. Father we decree and declare the restoration of all covenant blessing over our nation and across the world in the name of Jesus . We declare a harvest of souls. As heirs of the kingdom we extend your purposes of redemption and restoration over the nation. We want Jesus to receive His full inheritance ABBA. Everything the He paid for to come fully into alignment. As heirs we stand in agreement for this virus to be eradicated from the nations. We do not accept that we are subject to letting this virus ravage our people or our economy. Father we decree and declare a rushing in of your blessing to flood us with your abundant life. We rebuke the enemy from trying to rob, kill and destroy. As heirs we decree that the enemy’s voice be silenced in the name of Jesus. We deny place to his attempts to feed fear and hopelessness. As heirs we release your blessing of hope, peace and life!

Father though we are dealing with this virus in this time it is not new to your understanding. We decree the rights of first over every time, space and circumstances. Your kingdom is not bound by time nor are we as your heirs subject and bound by it. Father we decree that this virus be eradicated from all times, circumstances and nations both now and in the future. We speak to the principalities and decree that no pestilence shall come near us because we are covered by your Holy Spirit. We will not endure the impact of this now or at a future time. We cast down words of fear about future outbreaks in the name of Jesus and decree freedom from this and any other thing that tries to rise up against the kingdom of God or its heirs!

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