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The Road Ahead

This past year has been filled with uncertainty and unforeseen challenges. After such a time it can be hard to see that path back to what we feel is normal. Normal is our comfort zone, it’s a known quantity. I hear this discussion often as the pandemic is discussed. I think we forget that God never takes His church backward. He takes us from glory to glory. He doesn’t want us looking for the road to normal. He wants us looking to the road ahead.

God is calling His people to stop looking at what lies behind and to trust Him to lead us on the road ahead. You see He needs His people to stand with Him and impact lives with His truth. We can only do that if we go forward. The road ahead can seem scary and uncertain often we can’t see what lies ahead but we do know who will make the journey with us. If God is stirring something new in your heart trust that He will guide you even when you don’t know where the road is leading. He is the one who wrote all of your days before even one of them came to pass so He knows the road He is setting before you. He is the ultimate GPS. He knows every twist and turn and will download the directions to you turn by turn. Set aside the road well traveled and turn with expectation to the road ahead.

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