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With God Nothing Is Impossible

How often do you find yourself saying “I could never do that?” How many times do you disqualify yourself because “you’re not gifted that way.” Do any of these or other such lies ring in your heart? They did in mine for a great many years. I was convinced that God had wired me to be analytical, driven and logically minded. I used to say these things any time I was confronted by a situation that required something in which I wasn’t “naturally gifted.” I believed that these were lanes that God simply didn’t want me to function in and so I was left appreciating these gifts in others while feeling outside of them.

I loved seeing the amazing arts, crafts and projects my friend  could make or the way she could tackle projects I didn’t see a way to handle. I loved my other friend’s ability to see and speak into the heart of a hurting and broken child and connect with them in a way that showed them how very much God

loved them. I love my dear friend who is such an amazing mom to her three amazing kids and still takes time to capture beautiful poignant moments shares them with others to lift them up. All of these things I admire and seemed to come so naturally to others but I felt wholly unqualified to attempt.

It took a jarring event to open my eyes to shackles I had placed on myself by believing these lies. I didn’t even know I was fastening them on myself. Each time I chose to believe the lies I added restrictions that bound me and weighed me down so I didn’t see any other way of being.  My life was engulfed by analytical, organizational, high stress, detailed work and even my spare time, what little I had, found me functioning in those same arenas. I simply thought it was my lane.

Then cancer struck and a battle began. My entire way of functioning was literally ripped away and I was left adrift and uncertain. I couldn’t work, my body demanded so much and the meds and treatments wore at me physically and mentally. I learned a new term “chemo brain” and what’s worse is that I couldn’t push my way past it. You see my normal lane was the fast lane and pressing on was all I knew. This cancer however was a boulder I could not move. All I could do was stop, yield and lay in the arms of my Savior.

Amazing things happen when we stop. Not only did I begin to improve physically over the past year but I started to listen to truth that I believe God had been trying to share with me for some time. I was just going too fast to see Him trying to flag me down. You see I made a choice as a young girl that led me to believe that I was analytical, driven etc. I had been convinced that was how God made me. However, as I have leaned into His arms in this season I realize that isn’t how I am wired, not truly. So I spent a lot of time resting in His presence asking Him who He made me to be.

One of the lies I believed is that I was not creative. I can’t even tell you the innumerable amount of times I said I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. Anything artistic I felt was outside my lane. While I admired it when other people showed their skill I never believed I was capable of anything like that. A dear friend approached me with some wisdom that at the time

I was loathe to hear. She encouraged me to keep an open mind about how I would spend my time now that I was no longer able to work the 50-60 hrs a week I had been. I knew she was thinking of something creative that would make me feel productive but again creativity wasn’t my lane. However in this season of being healed and seeking a way forward I have also asked God to show me His plans for me and things that I had allowed to shackle me in the past.  One day He led me to think about painting using paint by number kits. I know this had to be from Him because I would never have come up with that idea as I regularly told myself and others I was not creative or artistic.

It has been several months since I sat down with that first art kit and I am astonished to say that I have been very blessed to have actually sold several completed paintings. I still reasoned though that I was merely completing someone else’s vision I didn’t see such artistic qualities in myself but I enjoyed doing it and it helped me get through treatments etc. Recently I met an amazing artist who extended help to teach me to sketch and someday start painting freehand. I warned her that I had no background and she would be starting at ground zero. She laughed and told me I would be surprised. I am so blessed that she saw something that God knew was there all along. I am certainty still learning but I honestly marvel at what He brings out in me. As I worked on the sketch included with this post all I kept hearing is,

”For with God nothing will be impossible.”“

‭‭Luke‬ ‭1‬:‭37‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

What have you believed about yourself that seems impossible? In what ways have you allowed something besides God to define you, determine your worth or limit what you think is possible?  Take it from someone who has fallen prey to those same thoughts there is truly nothing that He wants us to do that He will not equip us to complete. I share the same wisdom that was shared with me.. be open minded to what He wants to say to you, what He wants to share with you and what He wants to reveal about who He made you to be.

”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.“

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

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