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Lisa Betz

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    A few years ago I began a journey of study about who I was in Christ and what I found was literally life changing! I had been a Christian for a long time but was caught up in so many thought patterns and perceptions of who I was that I did not think I was worth the sacrifice that Jesus paid for me. I was living my life doing anything and everything to hopefully someday be worthy of just slipping inside the gates of the King's courtyard. What I found is that I have the right as a child of God to race past the guards, through the nobility milling around in the courtyard, through the inner courts and right up to the throne and jump into my daddy God's lap! It was because of this faith journey that I began writing hoping to not only anchor this message in my own heart but to help others who may be traveling the same road.




In 2012 I published my first book and was blessed to see God change lives thru it. I began to get feedback of the difference it made for others. I knew the difference God's message of covenant made in my life. I have become passionate about seeing the best for others in knowing their identity, embracing all that God has made them to be and engaging the world around us with the power and love of God.


I have now had the wonderful opportunity to speak and teach in various locations and love to see how God allows us to reason together to learn more about His amazing love. I believe that God's ways may not be easy but they are always simple. He is not about hiding His thoughts or ways from us, rather He wants to share them with us!  He wants to give us straight forward tools, keys to the kingdom, and to show us how to use them to reach lost and hurting people.

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