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Breath of Life

Today I found myself sitting in silence and resting. As I sat with my eyes closed I began to rejoice over the deep breathes I was taking. It may sound funny but I actually got teary over the simple joy of breathing. You see I am fighting cancer and one place it has occupied is my lungs. When the battle began I was only able to get slow very shallow ragged breaths and my body was not retaining the oxygen well enough to hold my oxygen level at a proper place in its own. Every moment I had to have supplemental oxygen. It’s hard to explain how much this impacts your body. It’s as if every cell is struggling, not just your lungs. This makes sense when we consider that God formed Adam from the dust of the earth and then placed His breath into him and brought forth life in man. Yet sadly, we are often so busy that we don’t even realize we are breathing… until we can’t. It makes me wonder how many blessings do we miss because we fail to realize they are there? We fail to slow down, take a pause and just let Him reveal them to us.

So, today I choose to stop, be still and breathe. I praise Him for His breath of life. For the healing of my lungs that can now deep breathe and absorb the oxygen my body needs. What will you find if you take a moment today to just sit in His presence?

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