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Aaron's Choice

I have been working through the book of Exodus lately and recently found myself reflecting on the role of Aaron, Moses' brother. What an interesting person he must have been. In a time and culture when the eldest son typically took a leadership role in the family after he became of age Aaron chose to step back and yield to the call he saw on the life of his younger brother. According to Exodus 7:7 Aaron is believed to have been three years older than Moses. Another interesting thing is that despite the closeness they likely developed as adults they did not grow up together so did not really have a normal brotherly love. Aaron didn't follow Moses out of brotherly love but out of obedience to the Lord. God spoke to Aaron and told him to go to Moses in Midian (Exodus 4:27). The amazing part is that Aaron did not even know what had become of his brother once his mother took him away in the basket. There is no record of her explaining anything. It is believed that Moses himself either did not know he was a Jew or that it was not until he was 40 years old that he chose to side with the Jewish people. It is also believed that no one knew what had become of Moses as a baby except his mother and sister and the daughter of Pharaoh. How amazing that Aaron grew up learning to hear the Lord and then as an adult chose to support a leader who

1) he didn't know

2) had no reason to submit to, culturally or relationally

3) who had committed murder

4) was not a stereotypical "good leader"

5) was attempting something that could cost his life

There are more reasons but let's just say that on the surface this was a bad idea. If you were to compile of pros and cons list it would not have looked like a good thing to choose, and yet Aaron chose it. Aaron chose it because he knew God and trusted God. He did not cling to how things "should be" based on his culture or even his own understanding. How often do we find ourselves faced with similar situations? Things just don't add up and yet God is saying to go or do. This can apply to our personal lives, our spiritual walk and even our work place. Aaron chose to serve Moses because he was following and trusting God. The beautiful thing is that Aaron's impact in his nation and the lives of his people really didn't have anything to do with how successful, or how good Moses was. It was Aaron's calling to support Moses and to stand at his side and he did. Aaron didn't say "well Lord when you bring me the right leader I will follow", he heard God say go to Moses in Midian and he did it. We see that even when they stood before Pharaoh Moses instructed Aaron to throw down his staff and he did so without hesitation. Keep in mind that particular manifestation didn't happen to Aaron in the desert so he wasn't even leaning on the idea that "God did it for me before so he will do it again". He wasn't even responding to a word specifically spoken to him. He was acting out obedience to God and the choice he made to serve Moses in his calling to free their people. God never appeared to Aaron in a burning bush, he didn't give him that moment when he saw his staff turn into a snake in the desert. He didn't see that miracle until he was standing in Pharaoh's court acting his choice to be obedient.

The life of Aaron is filled with the results of the choice he made. Because of that choice not only did God use him to see his people freed but the line of Priests came through his family line in Exodus 18. His staff even buds and produces almonds in Exodus 17 and is later placed in the ark of the covenant as a sign to people. Maybe we find ourselves in a less than ideal circumstance in our work and we find ourselves complaining about our environment. Let me ask, have you prayed about what your role is in that environment? Aaron didn't have a stellar leader that he followed but because of his obedience Moses was able to rise in to the leader God called Him to be. Maybe it is a family situation that we are challenged with, perhaps a broken relationship. How do we face these times that challenge us? Aaron set the example for us, walk closely with God and He will guide our steps. It all stems out of the intimate relationship that Aaron had with God and it is the same for us. If you find yourself challenged in some area of your life, press into God and seek His answer and then follow it obediently knowing that He is trustworthy to accomplish great and marvelous exploits in and through you!

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