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The Beauty of A Rainbow

I recently read about a tree called a

rainbow eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta), also known as Mindanao gum or rainbow gum, it thrives in the biodiverse rainforests of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea

Standing 197–246 ft tall, the rainbow eucalyptus is a spectacle of nature with its smooth, orange-tinted bark that peels away in strips to reveal a canvas of green, red, orange, gray, and purplish brown hues.

As the tree grows, its outer bark delicately peels to reveal the inner bark, which starts out in pastel green and deepens into orange, red, pastel blue, and sunset pink hues. These multicolor streaks set the Eucalyptus Tree apart.

The shedding process reveals new colors and patterns, uniquely marking each tree. This color change and its towering height make it a beautiful sight.

But its purpose isn’t beauty alone, its leaves are antiseptic and are used to treat various ailments, such as wounds, and in teas to treat asthma and coughs. The tree’s ability to repel mosquitoes adds to its valued role in improving life quality, demonstrating its practical uses beyond its environmental contributions.

So why am I so intrigued by these trees? It occurred to me that as they grow they shed their bark much like when we grow we often shed things that no longer suit our life. I think on all the internal workings of these trees  that create the process of growth and renewal and I am reminded of how God wants to bring growth and renewal to my heart. I am captured by the fact that this growth causes the bark to shred in strips and because of that new wood is revealed. This stripping process is what reveals the beauty and these trees just like God’s refining process for us reveals more of Him in and through us.  I also note that each tree is marked uniquely by this process much as we are all unique.

I am also reminded how God used a rainbow as a symbol of His covenant with Noah  and I think back on His promises to me and I rejoice that He is faithful to complete all that He has promised. Yes these trees remind me that God is actively working for our good and our growth and the result will be as beautiful as a rainbow.

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