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The heart of a little child

I am a very proud God momma to three amazing and beautiful children, two girls and one little man. I take this duty seriously and endeavor to pour into each precious child's heart how much they are loved first by God, then their parents and by me. It is an honor to pray for them and all that God has for their lives. As a part of this wonderful treasure in my life I began having one on one dates with them when they are around the age of six. My eldest is now ten and her younger sister has been anxiously awaiting our first date. I was really excited to have some one on one time with her this past week. I expected to be able to share some words with her about God and was really just looking forward to seeing her express herself an individual without having to clamor for attention. I had no idea that God was about to turn my plan upside down and that rather than me speaking into her life she would speak into mine.

My sweet Ellie is a spitfire for sure, she is passionate and determined but also has a loving and wonderful heart. Even though I knew this about her I was not prepared for the beautiful lesson I learned that day. We started off going to Bob Evans because she was certain that she was going to have "Piggy Pancakes". I had no idea what that meant so she proceeded to tell me. They cut and stack the pancakes to actually resemble a cute pig face and then dot chocolate syrup on for the eyes. It was cute. We had wonderful conversation and I cherished each word. Our lunch came quickly and before I knew it our meal was winding down, and a little too quickly as far as I was concerned. Ellie piped up and asked if we could go do something after lunch. So I took her to the dollar store and she walked around and she picked out an item for every family member. I then asked her what she wanted. She decided on a matching jewelry kit like the one she picked out for her big sister so they could do them together. As we checked out the cashier gave Ellie a balloon and she was delighted!

When we left we pulled up to a light were I was turning left and at the last moment I saw a woman standing on the corner holding a cardboard sign. I had traffic behind me so I had to turn. As I did, Ellie asked me what the sign said so I told her it said that she needed help. Ellie instantly piped up and said "maybe she needs money, I have money in my purse can we go back?" So I said yes and began looking for a place to turn around. It took a couple minutes due to traffic and in those brief moments the woman disappeared. We drove through the nearby parking lot to see if we could find her and then returned to the corner she had been standing on but to no avail. As I sat there trying to decide what to do and being so immensely blessed by this sweet hearted girl sitting in her booster seat, holding as many coins as her two hands could hold. I hear "I wanted to give her my balloon". We finally decided we had better head to meet up with her mother so I once again went to the light and turned left. As I did I hear the most beautiful prayer coming from my amazing God Daughter. "God, please be with that lady and if she is in danger please protect her because you know exactly where she is. Please help her know you love her and help her if she needs money. God please help me to remember to look for her when I come back into town with someone because sometimes I can forget but you don't."

I drove on completely speechless and so truly blessed to have seen the love of God through the heart of a little child. I started off the day hoping to speak words about God's love to my Ellie and instead she showed me the completely open and wild love that God has for each person. It was all I could do not to cry as I headed to the place we were meeting her mom. I left that date feeling so humbled and challenged to come like a little child to every circumstance I meet. I want to be that open hearted freely giving generous light for God. I want to be His hands and feet and to speak His love into people's lives and hearts. I want to see past the surface and see who God says a person is and how He loves them.

In the days since, I have thought about this over and over and it strikes me that children haven't been taught to be hesitant, to doubt or put on a "happy face". They are just kids, they say what they think and feel. They love completely and freely. They are eager to make connections with others and to be friends with them. They hold nothing back. I remember holding Ellie when she was first born. She was so tiny and as I held her she reached up from her sleep and grabbed my pinky. She wrapped herself around my heart and she has not let go. I am in awe of God's love in and through her.

Would that we all would have the heart of a little child.. what wonders would the world see then?

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