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Discarded Beauty

As I once again started my journey to work I was trying to rouse myself enough to take the drive time and use it to pray. I generally don’t listen to the radio while I make the journey but instead try to make it a conversation time with the Lord. It is especially important to me to do this in the morning because I know the rest of my day is going to be a fast paced schedule with many competing demands on my time.

This morning I was struggling to formulate prayers and as I drove I felt God tell me to pay attention to the road up ahead. Actually it was more accurate to say. That He wanted me to look alongside the road. As I did all I saw was a ditch. As I drew closer I noticed a bright  spot of brilliant yellow. Someone had thrown soil into the ditch and it must have had a daffodil bulb in it because there in the ditch was one lovely batch of daffodils.

I smiled not because I felt any profound moment but because the God who loves me chose to point these out and in that sense He gave me flowers. As I smiled and continued my journey I found my conversation with Him flourishing. It was then that I realized how He shared a moment with me that was profound. I felt Him speak to my heart saying “most the time people rush by the very things I arrange to let them know I am there with them. They are so busy that they miss my love letter to them. They look and they see a ditch, a place where items are discarded. But it is there in that place of disregard that I can bring forth beauty and life.”

If this strikes you as it struck me let us look for the discarded beauty that is a-reminder that God loves us and may we love others deeply.

I want to wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day. Whether you have children, have lost children, want children or love on someone else’s children know that you are precious and immensely loved  by Him.

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