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A New Thing

Have you ever been in a season where your heart cries out for change but you see absolutely no way for change to take place? I am pretty sure we all have been at one time or another. I was going through such a season when my Pastor encouraged us to take five minutes in the service and just listen to the Lord and write down what we felt He said for the next year. I was struggling that morning so I wrote a couple things I wanted to see change. Keep in mind I didn’t do what my Pastor asked. I hadn’t waited and listened yet, but I also didn’t want to not have something written down and the five minutes made me feel a little pressured. So after I wrote a couple of items THEN I sat before the Lord. I wrote down a couple more items which at first seemed a surprise to me but as I wrote them down I could feel my spirit say “yeah I need to see change in that area”. These were not areas of me personally but circumstances in my life, work etc where I was feeling weary and desperately needing to see something new happen in those areas but there didn’t seem like any hope or room for change. It had really worn me down and my spirit was definitely heavy laden. Finally I felt the lord give me one sentence that was His response to me. You see I had written down things that were really the symptoms not the problem, I had taken a sort of whining Israelite approach. His response however was a simple decree over the actual problem. So at the bottom of my paper I wrote what He told me “I am going to change EVERYTHING”. I sat there stunned staring at my paper because I had this overwhelming assurance in my heart that He meant it! I didn’t see how He would do these things but I now had a certainty that He would. It was as if a breath of fresh wind filled my soul. It wasn’t because anything had changed at that point but rather I knew that He was the One who could do a new thing. He could change situations and circumstances even when it didn’t seem possible. Two of the things on my list happened very swiftly and what appeared to be totally out of the blue. There was absolutely zero indication of the change. It was a now you see it now you don’t moment. The wonderful thing is not only did He do a new thing but that new thing ushered in a rushing of hope, faith and life to my weary spirit. If you are facing a troubling season, eagerly yearning for breakthrough take it from a kindred spirit that it can happen in a moment. In a rush of suddenlies He can and will move on your behalf! He can do a new thing even when it seems impossible. Nothing is impossible for Him! 

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