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What Defines You?

So often when we think about people in the Bible we summarize them into a single event that epitomizes them. Moses can be summed up by the Exodus of the Israelites, Eve is remembered for her choice to eat from the tree and David is remembered most for slaying Goliath. Though we tend to classify them by such events there is much more to them. For example Saul is mostly noted for trying to kill David and retain his position as King. If you look back and read the story of Saul a very different person appears. While he scrambled to keep his power as King we see that he never sought that power in the first place. Saul was sent to the country to locate a herd of donkeys that his father owned. It was on that journey that Samuel met him, and revealed to him that God called him to be king. I found myself trying to imagine how Saul must have felt. I am sure he felt unprepared and uncertain of what was to come. There had never been a king over Israel so he didn’t even have an example to follow. Samuel sent him home and said that he would follow to make it official in front of all the people. Even with the endorsement of the prophet Saul still did not seek the position of king. In fact when Samuel shows up Saul is hiding! How often do allow a single choice, personality trait or event to define who we believe we are? How often do we find ourselves being asked to step beyond our comfort zone by God? How often do we find ourselves facing a challenge where we appear to have no example to follow? The good news is that God enabled Saul to be more than he imagined he could be and He will enable us as well. God equipped Saul to reign as king. Granted that Saul took his eyes off of God and began to walk in corruption but for much more of his life he relied on God to show him how to lead. There was so much more to Saul then we often focus on and the same is true of ourselves. If you have centered your worth on a choice, or some other measure remember that you are more than this. When we find ourselves in one of these positions we can walk in our own strength and falter or we can rely on Him and see amazing things happen. Which will we do? What will we be remembered for? What amazing things can God do in and through us if simply choose Him and choose to believe who He says we are? 

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