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This morning in my time reading the Word I ran into a phrase several times. “that I may be a refreshing to your heart.” Such life giving intentions were shared about God to man, man to God and man to one another. It struck me because it is so simple and straightforward (just like God’s Love) I want to be like Him in this way that when I encounter someone His presence and Kingdom are a refreshing, an inflowing of revitalizing life to their spirit. So often I can get bogged down in the day to day that I fail to keep this a focus. Song of Solomon 4:9 says “you have captured my heart”. Often we use phrases like “Jesus loves you” and rightfully so because He does but when we say it do we convey its real meaning? Do we know and do we share with others the passionate consuming love that He has for us? Do we really believe that we “capture His heart”. Song of Songs 4:9 says that with one glance we have ravished His heart. If we really knew that kind of love wouldn’t we love different? Wouldn’t we tell others that same love is available for them? We can get bogged down with life and lose the power of His love. Take some time and ask God to show you how He feels about you. His love is overwhelming, unending, unconditional and He gives it freely. May His love be a refreshing to your heart, May yours be a refreshing to Him and to those around you. 

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