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Wandering ways

Lately I have been looking back over the past few years and it seems that the path of my life has not been in this straight progression. Have you ever wondered how your current season fits into the bigger picture? What could your current circumstances have to do with what you feel God has called you to? Are you looking for the side road that will take you into what you are “really” supposed to be doing? In looking back over the past few years I marvel at how, despite the twists and turns and all that didn’t make sense at the time, the scenery is still beautiful. I realized that we are not meant to see all the way to the finish line. We are asked to take the first step. We aren’t supposed to understand what is behind every door. We are asked to step through the one in front of us. We aren’t supposed to live in a straight line. The most beautiful art is made by twists and turns and angles. I hope that if you are like me and finding yourself seeking God for the next step that we will both trust it and move forward without restraint. The end result will be beautiful because we know the artist is good! 

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