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Hidden Arrows

I am always so enthralled when I learn something new that is almost like a hidden arrow that points to God. Lou Giglio did several messages about scientific facts that were hidden arrows such as the fact that the cell that essentially functions as the glue that holds the human body together is shaped in the form of the cross. Growing up I was not a huge science fan but as an adult I am awed by such things. In my travels to Ireland I went to a place called the Giant’s Causeway where all the stone over several miles of limestone are shaped in an octagon. Another such thing that astonished me is that when a baby is in the womb they have no eye lids to begin with but rather at the appropriate time when the eye is fully formed a protein “suddenly” and “mysteriously” appears that did not exist there before and it’s sole purpose is to cut slits for a baby’s eyelids to form. My newest fascination is a flower called the Flower of the Holy Spirit. It is an amazing flower that blooms only once a year. Prior to blooming the petals are folded in on themselves and they appear to look like people praying. Their monk like appearance remains until it’s time for this beautiful flower to bloom. When the bloom begins it appears to have a white dove sitting in the center of the flower and as it opens transforms into a dove in flight, complete with feathered wings. The amazing thing is that this flower which transforms will bloom only at the time of Pentecost. Depicting the beautiful transformation that we can undergo if we receive God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice. It is these amazing things that prove to me that evolution can’t be valid. There is no way for so many specific pieces to “randomly” line up outside of the creation theology. Not only is there more natural evidence of a creator but there are so many amazing pieces that point to His existence and His love for us. I believe that these things exist just for God to whisper I am here. He wants to be known by us. His desire is not that we embrace a religion but that we embrace a relationship. What hidden arrows has He put in your path to point you to His love for you? 

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