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A light in the storm

Recently I have had the pleasure of traveling along the shores of the Great Lakes. Living in Michigan I have always loved the big water. On one of my forays of the coast of Lake Michigan I spent quite a bit of time looking at the lighthouses that dot the state coastline. Michigan has approximately 127 functioning lighthouses. As I have traveled this past few weeks I have thought about the purpose of these lighthouses. Their primary purpose is to warn ships so they do not get too close to shore and run aground. They are also a place where the light keeper lives and monitors the waters for signs of trouble; often calling for or administering help. The thing that stood out to me most is that they are always pointing people in the right direction. They are always strong and enduring; their mission never changing. They exist to save people. How amazing that God is so well reflected in these towers. Like them He is always trying to point us in the right direction; always a beacon of hope and love. He too is strong and enduring; never changing in His mission. From the very first moment in Eden His goal was to share relationship with man and He continues to desire and seek that out today. His love shines out not only to warn us of dangers but also to remind us that He is there waiting for us to turn to Him. He stands strong enduring our denial, being lashed by our anger, doubt and other emotions waiting for the moment when His light pierced through the darkness to us and reveals His love. I for one am so grateful that He never wavered as He sought to reveal that amazing love to me. He never ceased sending His light to draw me into a beautiful relationship with Him.  

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