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An Anchor for My Soul

Have you ever stood on a boat and felt the water moving? Sometimes it is a gentle lapping that sways the boat gently and it is fairly easy to keep your balance others it is a wild motion that can keep you off balance and throw you to the deck or even overboard. Life is often like this; you never quite know what you will be facing. Often these times can rise up out of nowhere and catch us unprepared. The results of these unexpected tempestuous times is that we can end up feeling battered and bruised; tossed around by the force of the waves; often left weak and worn out. Recently I found myself in such a time as if I was being tossed about with nothing to hold me in place. The good news is that I know the anchor of my soul. I know that I have One who keeps me safe, who hears my heart cry in the midst of trials and who will calm my storms! I know that I can run into His arms and be safe. He is with me because He loves me. I desperately need Him! He is my salvation, my refuge, my shelter, the one who holds and cherishes me. He is the one I can run to when I need to be restored and the one who listens when I pour out my heart. Without Him I would be lost. That is why on this day and every day I am thankful for the One who anchors my soul. If you don’t know Jesus He is waiting to be an anchor for you as well. Believe me from experience His love is undeniable, unconditional and incomparable.

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