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The Wave of His Presence

Have you ever considered the underwater view of a wave? When we imagine a wave we instantly think of what we see happening on the surface but there is more than just a topside view. God challenged me recently with this thought. What does a wave look like from underneath? He then spoke and said, “Ask for my perspective; you think because you have seen a wave before that you know what to expect and therefore you don’t consult me. “ Over and over in Scripture we see examples of people “inquiring of the Lord”. Moses,David, Elijah and more. Why so many examples? Because He knew we are creatures of comfort and we would need to be reminded. We so often hear direction or a word that is the tip of the iceberg of what He wants to do and we grab ahold and run with it. We can also move forward from a place of common sense or human wisdom and not inquire of Him first. God then showed me that when we view a wave from the top we only see the result of His power but if we were submerged we would see the power that moves the topside water. We would not only see that power but we would be in the very center of it; we would feel it and see how everything around us is moved by it. Let us start 2020 inquiring of the Lord and be in the middle of what He is doing!

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