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One Moment

I have found myself lately talking to several people who are facing challenges or have loved ones that are and it seems like a long journey to the breakthrough. It started me thinking and I realized our perception of a path is generally not accurate. We can be a very impatient people wanting certain things to move swiftly when the breakthrough we need may happen along the road and not at the end of it. Other times we feel like we must trudge along a road for what seems an unbearable time but truth be told God wants to move quickly. Why do we rely on our perception of a situation rather than seek God for His method? Surely if we know that our breakthrough is going to come as we journey the road becomes much less of a burden and if He wants to bring it swiftly we can hinder our progress by trudging and seeing it as a far off destination. Wouldn’t it be wiser to ask; to trust that He has our circumstances in hand? This can be particularly challenging when we are praying for loved ones. Sometimes it seems they are so far from the knowledge of God’s love. The enemy loves to use this to discourage us; to make the situation seem long and hard. He uses these things to steal our joy. If we would not look at the journey we think we see but instead look at the God who loves all of us more than we can imagine we would have fullness of joy knowing He is at work. I know this can seem easier said than done and we all hear the voice that says “but if you only knew”. Be of good cheer my friends for I also remember that it took one moment to change a person like Saul into Paul! Can you think of anyone who seemed further from God? He was beating, killing and imprisoning people but in one moment God transformed him. Let us not look at the length of the road but at the God who can change everything in one moment! 

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