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Love Letters

Having just celebrated Valentine’s Day there has been a running blitz of love oriented pics, products, gifts etc. Everywhere you looked there were reminders being shared of people representing their love. Photos of Valentine’s Day gifts, flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners out. All of these are wonderful and it made me smile to see people so happy and their love celebrated. It also got me thinking why do we place so much emphasis on this one day? In fact, the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimated that consumers in America would spend $27.4 billion on gifts in 2020 for Valentine's Day. Isn’t that amazing?!! I think as humans it helps us to have (at least occasionally) a tangible reminder that we are loved and cherished. This morning as I drove to church I saw a gorgeous sunrise and it occurred to me that God knew we would need these visible reminders and so He over and over reminds us that He is there and that He loves us. Just think each day He begins with a brand new sunrise, instead of the exact same colors, clouds, etc every day over and over He sends something new and fresh. He creates something that is designed to draw our eyes to Him. Each evening He paints the sky anew to welcome us home and to remind us He loves us. In so many facets of life we see the cycle of intentionality. Why create multitudes of species of trees when He could have just made one and said this is a tree. No, instead we have oak trees, pine trees, fruit trees, flowering trees and on and on. The same goes for every other area of our world; animals, stars, landscapes etc. He created so much so we would be in wonder of who He is and all that He has done. God is the author of love and He leaves us love letters throughout each and every day in hopes that we will see them and they will draw us to love Him in return. He never ceases, He never turns away and He never stops trying to express His love for us. Can you imagine the feeling of being completely, entirely loved unconditionally? You don’t have to do anything to receive it, it’s just always there and available. Like a love letter written with the hope that we will one day open it and read it. What love letters has God written to you? 

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