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As I sat watching the rain recently I found myself being amazed at how green my yard suddenly looked. Now this may seem like an obvious observation but what caught my attention was how quickly the grass responded to the moisture. You see we have been having an unusually dry stretch and the trees, crops, flowers and grass have been dry and withered for quite some time. My yard has been completely brown until just this recent rain.

As I sat there watching this beautiful summer shower I just couldn’t help be drawn to the change. As with most times when I feel this draw I sensed that the Holy Spirit was trying to show me something. Rather than just acknowledge the rain and move on I found myself sitting there staring for quite awhile just listening and waiting for what He was trying to say.

Slowly I began to feel as if, like my yard, my spirit began to be washed with rain drops. Drop by drop my heart began being refreshed. I felt Him begin to tell me that even though I have been going through a difficult time and my life, spirit and body has been experiencing a dry season it did not mean that He wasn’t there, at work, stirring life. I have known that He has been near to me in all of this so I wondered why I had this sense of renewal when I had felt Him close to me all along. It was then that I realized that we don’t have to feel far away from Him for Him to begin to rain down new life.

There are times when His current presence and a fresh infilling go hand in hand. I think sometimes we can journey through hard times and cling closely to His hand and still need to experience Him in a new way. It doesn’t have to mean we have wandered or somehow are not leaning on Him. Rather it is sometimes a refreshing to give us the strength to push us through to victory. A banner of life for others to see His power. Perhaps it is like the rain that falls that springs forth a new lushness that has been working deep within our soil so that it can be seen by the world around us.

Whatever we may be going through be of good cheer that even as we endure a harsh and dry season there is life, strength and vibrant victory within and He is faithful to provide a refreshing rain to call it forward!

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