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A Light

This past year has been an incredibly difficult year for so many. The pandemic, rioting, looting and so much more. It can seem like darkness has flooded in and covered the nations. As I have been looking back over the past year I see so many people seem to have been altered by this darkness. People are walking around in fear, anger and grief. Even as we approach Christmas, traditionally a time of joy, it seems subdued for so many. The world tells us this is the way to live, to be separated and alone. It tells us to pull away from those who share a different skin color, political opinion or perspective. These are tactics of the enemy. Satan wants to isolate people because they grow weary and are easier to tear down. Sometimes the darkness that the enemy encourages seems so overwhelming and insurmountable; after all it covers everything. However, this is a lie. It is not hard to get rid of the darkness. It is not insurmountable, all it takes is the smallest of lights.

You see the truth is darkness cannot overcome light. There is no amount of darkness that is more powerful than even a small flame of light. Darkness cannot exist when light is present, just like the enemy cannot win when Jesus has already won. Sure he can twist things to make it appear dark, he can create lies that take root in our minds. He can try to isolate people and weaken them but the light will always push back the darkness. This is why the enemy struggles viciously to keep our eyes off of God because He know that Jesus has already won and if we will just look to that flicker of light it will dispel the darkness and the enemy’s tactics will lay in tatters.

I encourage us all to lift our eyes to the One who loves us so much that He offers the light of life that can dispel all darkness. He is not running around chasing the darkness; no He has established that light deep within our spirits so that it is always there to break the enemy’s attempt to hold us in bondage. Lay hold of the light and refuse to bow to fear, anxiety, grief and separation. God designed people to journey through life together. Don’t let the enemy break apart what God has joined. No opinion, or anything else is worth allowing the enemy to steal from you. As we enter the Christmas season let it once again be a time of joy and love. Let’s be kind and show love to those that we perhaps do not even know. After all as Believers we have been given the most precious gift of all. Let’s ask God to show us how to be the light in a world so desperately cloaked in darkness.

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