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A Season Of Silence?

I have written many things about this season of my life waging war against cancer. Lately I find myself not saying much at all. My days have been rather mundane and I can feel myself bristling at the routine of tending to my body’s needs; meds, dietary restrictions, side effects, chemotherapy treatments, etc. I knew this season was coming because anyone in a long term battle hits a season of weariness so I made plans to add some positive things into my holidays. Unfortunately a head cold changed those plans. So now I find myself in the day to day rut of this season and I can feel it annoying my spirit. So what do we do when we are in this place? Muddle through and wait for it to break? I, for one, am not in favor of clinging on and allowing circumstances to determine my mindset. To me that is like being underwater and desperately needing a breath but not making any effort to get to the surface.

So I worship. I fill my day with turning to the One who is my source. Today I take time to thank Him for the abundance of blessings He has poured out on me. Today I reach out to others to encourage them. Today I refuse to let the enemy shroud me in silence. Today I refuse to be driven by how I feel. Today I reject the enemy's attempt to draw me into letting my emotions rule. Today I give no place to the enemy because every place in my life belongs to Jesus! Today I rest on the assurance of my Savior! Today I rejoice that He is faithful and loves me more than I can comprehend.

Tomorrow I start the process again. That is how I fight my battles and in that I find joy!

I hope if you are finding yourself confronted with a hard season that this stirs the embers of faith within you. Do not be silenced! God created you with a voice that is unique and carries a special anointing unlike any others. Your voiceprint is completely different than anyone else in the world, it is even more unique than your fingerprints. When the enemy tries to silence you with a battle remember that the victory has already been won. Your job is to speak and decree that victory!

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