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Be A Fire Starter

Did you know that you are called to be a fire starter in this world? God’s purpose is that we represent Him in the earth. We are meant to be carriers of His love. We don’t have to create anything or bear the process of figuring things out we just need to take what has been given to us and carry it. The torch bearer before every Olympic game has the responsibility to carry the flame as a message to all the people they pass so we too are to be the message of God’s love to all those we encounter.

A flame must be maintained, if properly stoked the flame will easily spark a fire wherever it goes. It doesn’t have to struggle or strive to spread fire it naturally does so. If we continue to stoke our hearts with His presence the mere heat we carry will spark a flame in others and He will send His angels to fan the flame to reach those who are lost and hurting.

He makes his angels winds, his servants flames of fire. Hebrews 1:7

Twelve disciples changed the entire world simply because they had been in His presence and the carried His flame. Will you take up the torch? Will you be so filled with His presence that a fire cannot help but be sparked wherever you go? If twelve could reach so many what would happen if we likewise set aside our lives, agendas, and instead pressed into His presence and picked up the flame of love? Be a fire starter!

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