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Because He Wanted To

I love learning things about God’s creation! It makes me wonder how He decided to make so many astonishing creatures and than so often to place them in the most hidden of places?

For example, in the deepest parts of the sea where light can not pierce the water did you know there is a fish called an anglerfish that has an antenna that dangles in front of its face which contains a bacteria that generates light. The anglerfish sways the bulb of light gently luring it’s prey in an almost hypnotic way close enough for it to attack.

Or how about the fact that sunflowers face the sunrise and track the path of the sun through the day by turning their heads.

There are so many wonderful examples of these same kinds of creations that God created uniquely just because He wanted to. When He was creating the world He didn’t just make one type of tree, or one type of fish. He created a myriad of them in the same species because they expressed Him.

Many of us tend to be downcast about some part of ourselves whether physically or emotionally but just like God made the anglerfish and the sunflower unique and with purpose He also created you. There is no part of you that was a mistake. He wired your innermost parts to be a reflection of Him. He created you exactly as you are because He wanted to.

Granted we always grow and deepen our spirit as we learn to walk intimately with Him but It is not so we shape up. It is so we can learn how He wants to use us exactly how we are wired. I once felt God stirring a gift in me and so immediately compared myself with someone else with that gift thinking I had to be more like them to embrace and use that gift. I will be honest I was very unwilling to answer God’s call because I didn’t think I could be like that person. It’s not that there was anything wrong with them we are just wired entirely different. He was boisterous and outgoing with a big booming voice. I was quiet and more introvert and soft spoken. Thankfully God showed me that even though we had the same gift He wanted us to express it differently. God wasn’t asking me to be like my friend He was asking me to be me.

If you find yourself in a similar comparison please know that God made you precisely how He wanted to.

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