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Beware of Flying Socks

One of my dearest sisters in the Lord told me that one of my blogs blew her socks off. I of course laughed and said glory to God. Later I got thinking about that phrase and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that God must have said something very similar when He made creation. I could just picture Him smiling as His creative nature ran rampant making things that were so amazing that we couldn’t help but see His reflection.

Think about it for just a minute. He didn’t just make the sun rise He made it look different every single morning as moment by moment the sky is filled with varying colors. He didn’t just make a thing called a tree or flower, he made a vast number of different kinds, shapes, colors etc.

Then let’s think about the animals.. have you ever wondered what he thought when He made some of them? I have always wondered how He decided to make a duck billed platypus flat on both ends and round in the middle! I find great joy in watching the squirrels that frequent my yard and trees as they scamper all over the place often chasing one another. I see in them a playfulness and it made me realize that God has that playful nature too.

What about the amazing facts in science that He hid until we had things like the Hubble Telescope so we could see them. One example of this is the Darling Galaxy. Did you know that at the center they have taken photos now with the Hubble Telescope that shows it is in the form of a cross? Or what about a thing called Laminin which is essentially the biological glue that holds our cells together also chemically structured in the shape of a cross!

He must have taken such joy in making things just to reveal His nature to us! I can almost hear the laughter in Heaven as He made things that would bring us joy. Have you ever laughed so hard you could barely breathe? I believe that joy that erupts is from His nature. So sure why not enjoy those things that He meant to blow our socks off? Whether we are in awe of something because of its beauty, or it’s unique style or even something to make us laugh all of it was designed to point us to Him and to get to know Him and His love. I encourage you to take some time and think about all the moments in your day and look for His presence I am confident you will see wonderful and unexpected things that will minister to your heart.

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