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Beyond the Veil

It is certainly a challenging time. As we all face the challenges of social distancing and preventative health measures it can begin to feel claustrophobic. We can even begin to face frustration and perhaps even fear. The hardest thing we can face is the feeling that we are cut off even from God. As the church we can often become very comfortable allowing the fellowship and message we get on Sunday to be our source of strength and when that is removed even for a short time we can falter if we are not careful.

Let me encourage you; God does not live in a box. When Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross the veil to the holy of holies was torn from the top to the bottom; forever opening God’s presence to us as a free gift. Whereas in the Old Testament entering into His presence was only for the priesthood now His presence is within us by the power of the Holy Spirit. God’s presence has forever stepped beyond the veil and dwells in us when we have accepted the gift of salvation. Because of this we too are no longer confined to four walls. Our strength comes from our relationship with God, not our church attendance. Stir up the gift of faith within and press into His presence.

Our prayers and worship can travel and change the world. While we are taking this time to honor the leaders of our nation and follow their direction to help stop this virus let’s remember that our prayers will do far more to stop it. Let’s not focus on the four walls we are living in but the kingdom we are living for.

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