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But God

I often hear people talk about their favorite scripture or their “life verse”. There are so many that we can cling to in order to spur us on. I have many passages that are meaningful in my life but the thing that impacts me the most isn’t a specific reference, it is a phrase. “But God” What a powerful life altering phrase!

Abraham and Sarah were beyond child bearing years... “but God”. Moses was supposed to die as a baby ..”but God”. Elizabeth was barren..”but God”. Jesus was crucified and died..”but God”. What is it in your life that has a stranglehold on you? How would that change if we lay hold and attach “but God” to that circumstance?

The enemy loves to get our eyes focused on a problem, to see us live defeated and imprisoned “but God” says something better! He says He has a hope and a future. He says He has plans to prosper you. He says that you are sons of the Most High God. He says that your debt is canceled and that you have access to every good thing in heaven. Take some time to consider areas where the enemy is showing you darkness and despair and then raise your eyes and say “But God”. He has promised you His light. You don’t have to overcome the darkness because He already has, you just need to believe!

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