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Dancing on your battlefield

What do you think of when you consider the word battlefield? So often we have images of shattered people, guns, weapons, troops on opposing sides, explosions etc. What if we thought of it as a place for celebration, or rejoicing. I know that sounds bizarre but when we are children of God any battlefield we step foot on is merely a place for God to prepare a feast in the presence of our enemies. When I say enemies I don’t refer to people but to the powers and principalities that have no choice but to yield to the authority of the name of Jesus. When we wage war by carrying the God given authority we were blessed with at the cross than any battlefield becomes a place of life instead of death, triumph instead of tragedy and rejoicing instead of sorrow.

What are some areas in your life where you have felt the battle and been inundated with the feelings of loss and despair that comes with the struggle? Ask God to reset your viewpoint to His and to help you walk in the renewing of your mind. Let’s start walking in the victory that Jesus purchased for us. Let’s celebrate in the presence of our enemies.

When we wage war the right way we will see radical breakthrough! Lives ransomed, broken hearts healed and salvation of souls. Let’s break out in joy as we dance on the battlefield!

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