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Grandma’s Spoon

This morning I started my day cooking up some food for friends who are going through a hard time. I too have been in a tough season and I have been limited in what I can physically do but I can sit and stir fry veggies and do various crockpot cooking. This is what I set out to do this morning for some people I dearly love. As I listened to the garlic and oil heating up in the wok I began praying for them. As I put in some more ingredients I reached into the utensil container in my counter and grabbed a wooden spoon. As I stirred everything to spread out the oil and garlic among the veggies I suddenly realized I had grabbed my Grandma’s wooden spoon.

When my grandmother passed away she left me anything I wanted in her kitchen items. There were many decorative plates, fancy items etc but most of that didn’t interest me. I was blessed with many items that were far more valuable to me, like her spoon.

My grandmother was always cooking for someone. She always had food ready for her family, neighbors, friends and even people she barely knew but who could use a little practical love. As I continued cooking joyful tears welled up in my eyes and it wasn’t due to the cooking garlic. I was so overcome by blessings that flooded forward in a simple moment. Then I wondered how many times God reveals His love and care for us in such simple ways and do we realize it?

I smiled and expressed my gratitude to the Lord for the incredibly rich inheritance I had been given. It is sometimes the plain, and simple things that hold the dearest treasures! As for me I love my wooden spoon. What is it that He wants to use to show you how much He loves you?

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