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In His Hands

Recently I have been going through the process of buying my first home. Those of you who have done this know what an intense crazy process this can be. It is also a leap of faith which in the past I have avoided due to all the financial costs that suddenly appear, often times in the thousands of dollars. When I started to sense God say there was a move ahead I immediately looked at rentals. Step by step God led me to look at buying and to be honest even now I am stunned at how He led me to a house I immediately fell in love with. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I spent months looking at houses online and in person and was overwhelmed with the process. I found one I thought might be it and I placed an offer but when the inspection was done there were serious issues so I withdrew my offer and walked away feeling defeated and questioning if I had missed God’s direction.

A short time later I got a call from my dad who had been looking at homes online in my area and he found one he thought I should look at so I called the realtor. Let me tell you God moves in the suddenly! I instantly loved the house and made an offer and by Monday the inspection came back great and I had an accepted offer. I could hardly believe it. The next month was a flurry of packing and activity and then I was very blessed to have so many people help me move and even unpack most of my belongings . I sat in my house that first night just in awe and in happy tears.

A month came before I knew it and I was so thankful for all the help unpacking because I came down with COVID and was laid up for most of the month. As I started to come out of it I had to have some work done on my house to relocate my laundry upstairs and in the process found out that my furnace needed to be replaced. I had sort of hit my limit of problems and hurdles for a while. The very reason I hadn’t wanted to buy a house happened. I had zero money to get this fixed and was supposed to have a home warranty that would cover any appliance. The warranty company was only offering a couple hundred dollars vs a bill of $5200. I honestly was very frustrated and immediately called some friends to pray. I went to bed reminded that God had a way even if I didn’t know yet what it was. By the next morning God had worked out the funds I needed to pay off the bill!

I wanted to share this to encourage anyone who may be facing an uncertain situation. Be assured He loves you and He has the answer and is holding you in the palm of His hand.

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