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In the Quiet

Have you ever been in a season where you are waiting? Sometimes it can seem like you are doing nothing and this can cause us to be anxious. I am in one such season. However, I find myself running into God’s Word every time anxiety tries to rise up. So often we easily see God in the “loud” moments of our life. Somehow we often become convinced that God is only present on the mountain top moments of our lives. We see Him in the big “AHA” moments when we see some breakthrough.  I have been thinking on this and it seems to me that those moments are often when we see the result of His actions but not necessarily His presence. Not that He isn’t with us but rather that we are often so caught up in what He has done that we don’t always see Him. It can be a matter of seeing His hand instead of His face. Please don’t take me wrong God is always with us but it is in this season where I am seeing His face most. It is in the quiet of this valley season where I most clearly hear His voice saying He loves me and is with me. It is in the quiet where my spirit finds comfort and rest in His presence.

Celebrate the mountain top moments when they happen but don’t despair at the valleys for it is in the quiet where His spirit best whispers His love and where we can most easily hear it.

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