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Just Because

One of the things that amazes me is that in so many different ways God is always trying to draw us to His love by doing things just because. Take for example Diphylleia grayi otherwise know as  the skeleton flower. This plant produces a deep blue fruit that is frosted with a sugar like white layer and has beautiful white blossoms. God didn’t just make this plant beautiful but he created it with hidden abilities. The petals of this flower become translucent when it rains. God over and over creates these examples of wonder just to show that a loving Creator exists and is reaching out to us! 

Only God could create a flower that reflects the ability to change just as He has created a way for us to change and to turn our hearts to Him.

He wants to do the same thing in you that He does in the skeleton flower; He wants to reach in and reveal who He truly made us to be. We are created in His image and because of Jesus’ sacrifice we can be restored to relationship with Him. Just like He reached out through nature He will reach out to you if you are willing. Will you allow Him to pour the rain of His love over you and reveal all that He meant for you to be? He longs to do so not because we are worthy but just because He loves us.

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