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Key to My Heart

So yesterday my heart and emotions were battered by the enemy. Ever have one of those days?? We can make two choices in those moments one is to allow him to dwell there or we can evict those thoughts and feelings and tell them there is no vacancy! I chose eviction! I called a prayer warrior sister and was real with the struggles emotionally and mentally and then we went to work evicting the enemy! In the midst of the battle I had to remind my spirit that satan does not have rights to my heart. The key to my heart is safe in the hands of Jesus. The enemy will try to lie to us and bring us into discouragement and despair but he can only gain entrance if we open the door.

If you find yourself in one of these moments don’t stay silent reach out to someone who will stand with you and war with and for you!  The enemy works in isolation! If he can trick us to withdrawing from the body of Christ through weariness, guilt, shame or deception he knows that it breaks the strength of the family of God. He wants to break the power of prayer. Even if in the midst of these times you don’t feel powerful you reaching out to God brings a power that he cannot fight!

Tell your emotions that Jesus holds the key to your heart!

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