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Morning Sunshine

Don’t you just love a day where you wake up rested and basking in morning sunshine? This past weekend I had the rare treat of not setting an alarm and waking up to one such morning. As I lay there enjoying this peaceful moment it occurred to me that as much as I was enjoying this moment God was probably enjoying it even more. You see He had my undivided attention, a quiet moment where my soul was at rest. I became overwhelmed by His love and how He built that moment just for me and then delighted in watching me revel in the blessings of it.

I think often we take these and so many other moments and consider them only from our view. Let me ask you this, when you buy a gift for your child, God child, nephew/niece etc. isn’t the best part watching them experience the gift? Watching as their face lights up? Every year this is one of my favorite moments of Christmas. I watch with great delight as each of my God children open each gift and how excited they are. We miss out when we fail to realize these moments with God. It blesses our heart and His. Next time you wake up to the sun streaming through the window take a moment before rushing into your day to just delight in His love for you.

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