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My Superpower

Over and over as I face this battle with cancer I have been told I was strong and how because of that strength I would win this battle. I always find that ironic because if anything this has taught me how weak I really am. So how is it that I can have a joyful heart through this process? I will tell you it is because I have a secret weapon, a hidden abundance, a superpower.

So what is my superpower you ask? The secret  to my strength is letting go, being weak, not being strong.  I know no-one strong enough to handle having their life completely turned upside down with the news that you have stage four cancer. I went from having meetings and conference calls to scheduling doctor appointments and treatments in a blink of any eye. I went from working hard to having to take one or two naps just to get through the day. I went from being actively engaged in reaching out to help others to needing help for some of the simplest things. Trust me when I say no one is strong enough in their own merit to make that transition.  However the amazing thing I find is that when I let go, when I embrace my need for Him and when I rely on Him, His presence and provision becomes my strength.

I find myself wondering how many others are like me; having heard the Scriptures saying that when we are weak He is strong and yet not really grasping that. My friends, my heart longs to encourage us to take a deeper look at the Word of God and truly challenge our hearts to let go of what we think we know and to allow God to give us fresh eyes on the promises He gives us. He means them!  How often are we quick to say verses that utter a promise but not understand that it is when we are at our lowest most broken point that is when He can be our superpower.

If everything was suddenly stripped away and all that your life consisted of was shaken could you move forward in joy? Don’t get me wrong I have my moments and days were this season shakes me but I come back to one undeniable truth He loves me. It is with that truth and these first inklings of real comprehension that I am able to stand strong because I only need to rest in Him for that is my superpower and it carries me.  I hope you will take some time to consider His promises for you and really move them from head knowledge to heart felt truths. I hope you will be able to allow Him to be your superpower too.

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