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Quiet The Noise

How many times do we stop and actually listen to the astounding amount of noise that goes on around us? Truthfully we mostly don’t even realize how much there is flooding into our senses. It not just about audio noise, but about all of our senses. The enemy has worked very hard to build a society built on noise and speed. We go through our days not even realizing the inertia that is pushing us forward. Why is it important to have this revelation? Because this inertia carries us away from God and His presence and purposes. How can I make this blanket statement and say that it applies to everyone? Because it flaunts in the face of what God tells us to do which of to “be still and know that I am God.”

I am speaking this message to my own heart first because I am the chief offender in this area but also sharing it because I know I am not alone. The enemy delights at robbing us of our stillness and what God can do in that place. Society is a frantic pace and we are caught up and pushed along at an ever increasing speed whether it’s in our work, church, family activities, ministry etc. we are constantly on the move and the enemy continues to add more noise.

The other day I decided to sit outside on my front deck. I normally sit in my backyard but felt like I should switch it up. I got my deck chair out there with some effort and than grabbed my bible, a book, my phone and my kindle so I could “settle in” and relax. I found myself so antsy that I picked up my Bible first and read some, than after a period I picked up my novel etc. I found myself completely not relaxed and very agitated when I heard the Holy Spirit speak and say “just be still”.

Suddenly I looked around at all my stuff and realized I needed to just stop so I set it all aside. I tilted my chair back and for the next hour God and I sat together watching the leaves on the trees dance in the breeze. It was amazing!! I was so refreshed when I finally had to come inside. It was then I realized why He says “Be Still”.

More than anything He just wants to be with us! It is the entire reason that He created the Garden of Eden. It was a place of meeting where He came and walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day. He came just so they could be with Him! We allow the enemy way too much influence when we are carried by the river of noise. It drowns out the voice of God who is calling us to come “Be Still” with Him. Whatever it is that is pushing and driving you quiet the noise and be still with Him. Trust me it is so much better!

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