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Raise Your Expectations

My Pastor gave a message a year ago and I posted about it on my Facebook. Recently it came up in my memories and it challenges me today as much as it did then. Am I raising my expectations to the level of His character?

So often when we are facing challenging times we can lower our expectations because doubt creeps into our hearts. It is at these times when the enemy will try to make us weary. When we are weary we let our guard down and our sights lower, often times without us even realizing it. So how do we reset our focus?

One thing we can do is shift our eyes from how we feel, weary and discouraged, to His character. Who do we believe He is? We can begin by recounting His faithfulness in times past. How has God seen us through other seasons of struggle?

We can also dig into His word finding evidence of His nature in Scripture is vital because it can’t be argued with. The enemy has no ground to stand when we know our God.

Thirdly it is important that we also know ourselves. Who does God say we are? Again if we know His nature than we know what He speaks is true. Our identity is in Him and through Him all things are possible. Let us broaden our vision. Let us trust in His purposes! Let us raise our expectations to the level of His character!

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