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Shared Moments

Today I have been reflecting on the goodness of God. I have found myself overwhelmed by the love He extends to us. Often we have these moments when something we consider “major” happens but we need to have them in the quiet moments. We need to encounter His presence and to just sit and marvel at who He is. He so longs to reveal the depths of His nature to us but if we only look to Him in the highs and lows we miss the majority of who He is.

God has put so many expressions of Himself in our world for no other reason than to say I am here. Today I sat and watched my backyard and so many little moments captured my eye. God pointed them out not because they had some profound theological message but because they delight His heart and He knew they would delight mine too. Today we watched the squirrels play along the ridge line of the fence. I couldn’t help but laugh at their antics and I loved sharing that moment with God.

Are you missing these shared moments? Do you find you seek Him mostly in the highs and lows of life? He is not condemning of this because He wants to be there for us in those moments but His heart hopes for more. He longs to sit with us and wash over us with His love and goodness. Take some time this week to share moments with the One who loved you all the way to the cross and beyond.

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