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Speak to the Storm

If you live in Michigan you are familiar with the old joke if you don’t like the weather wait five minutes. It is the only state where I have seen all four seasons in one day, sometimes within just a few hours. The weather impact of the Great Lakes can surely keep you guessing. Sometimes we get what are called pop up storms which appears swiftly out of nowhere and rage for a short time. Other times you can see the storm rolling in across the water or the farmland.

These storms can seem daunting and cause concern as they sky gets black and the wind begins to swirl. You can feel the rain that is pending and know at any moment the sky is going to break open and drench everything. Lightning and thunder roil and can shake your house. It is these type of storms that can create fear as you see the dark clouds approaching. It is the same in life sometimes events occur suddenly and we are left dealing with a turbulent but short event. Other times we are left spending our day with our eyes on the sky watching the darkness build and wondering if it is going to pass us by or rage around us. Either way we have to remind ourselves that Jesus is the one who calms the storms. Whether it is a suddenly or one that builds and edges toward us we are never alone in the storm.

Right now we have a lot of storms raging in our world. It is easy to get caught up in the fierceness surrounding us but as children of God we have been given authority to speak to the storm “Peace be still!” not just for ourselves but for the world around us. Be encouraged beloved brothers and sisters, we are not subject to the storm to be tossed about with no say. Stand up speak to the spiritual storms you see happening around you and watch God move!

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